Picture Policy

In order to give every profile its own unique identity, every member profile has an option for a mandatory profile picture. This picture will be the one that will mostly appear everywhere on the website including the search results. A photo gallery is also present for every member to use. Members can upload as many pictures they like as and when for other interested members to view. However, privacy settings can be changed in order to limit viewing privileges of those Shaadi members who stumble upon your profile.

To ensure the stability and smooth running of our matrimonial website, we have set some specific policies regarding the use of pictures on our portal. Members are requested to refrain from uploading pictures of anyone other than themselves to avoid misleading interested members. You must not upload any picture that is not your sole property; for instance pictures that have been picked up from a random search engine and do not belong to you regardless of whether they are protected by IP laws or not.

Uploading of group photographs is not recommended and copyrighted pictures are strictly prohibited from uploading. Any picture that contains nudity, obscenity or sexually graphic content must never be uploaded by you or sent in inbound emails. On another note, you are encouraged to upload pictures that have been taken recently in order to increase your chances at our online marriage site of getting a positive response.

DoosriBiwi.com only allows your decent Pictures/Photographs. Certain types of pictures/photographs are not allowed by DoosriBiwi.com. Following is the brief description of such pictures:

  • Pictures/Photographs of any individual, other than yourself.
  • Pictures/Photographs that are not your sole property of any individual/entity/business, whether or not ensured by IP laws.
  • Group Photographs
  • Copyright Pictures/Photographs

Pictures that do not follow the guidelines highlighted above will be removed by our supervising team at DoosriBiwi.com. The owners of the online Shaadi site hold the right to order the removal of any picture be it obscene or not without any mandatory explanation. The sole purpose of encouraging members to upload their pictures is to give the added benefit of seeing the prospective suitor before expressing your interest. However, we at DoosriBiwi.com will not be held responsible in case of any misuse of any member’s pictures. Consistent misuse of pictures by a member will lead to the termination of his or her account without any prior notice.